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Gourds, Luffas, Pumpkins, Cucumbers and Squash

Cucurbits - Gourds, Luffas, Pumpkins
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Discuss growing gourds, luffas and pumpkins

Welcome to Cucurbitaceae, or Cucurbits for short.

Cucurbitaceae is the plant family of gourds, pumpkin, luffas etc. This community is for the discussion mainly of growing gourds, luffas and pumpkins, but discussion of other Cucurbits like cucumbers, squash and melons is also welcome. Feel free to share your pictures. What I'd love to see the most would be pictures of gourds growing on arbors. If you have any please share. This is a gardening and nature forum, though in Fall and Winter it's harvest time. Chatting about gourds you've painted, pies you've made and Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations you find of gourds and pumpkins are also welcomed. Pictures and stories about birdhouse gourds and Purple Martin Gourds are also nice.

1. No spaming. Please do not post links to your personal websites unless they are in some way useful to the topic at hand.
2. No flaming or trolling. Be nice to the other members.
3. No use of foul language. English only please.
4. No netspeak. Try to use proper grammar and spelling.
5. No inappropriate or adult images.
6. Images larger than 600px wide should go behind a cut. Posts with many images should go behind the cut as well. But one or two pictures on the front page are perfectly fine.
7. Please keep posts public. Our knowledge and learning should be available to anyone that wants to learn about these plants.

Gourds are wonderful plants and probably the first used by man. They have been used for making tools, carrying water, as bowls, as birdhouses and even musical instruments.

Luffas are plants in the Cucurbit family. They are not sea sponges. You can grow your own sponges in your backyard. They are beautiful and interesting plants.

Pumpkins. Well everyone knows what a pumpkin is and its many uses. They are iconic during Halloween and Thanksgiving.

So please join and participate. Happy gardening!

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