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gourd plants are finally vining

I haven't grown gourds for a few years here in Salt Lake due to raising an Australian Cattle Dog. Now we are finally back to gardening. Mostly growing sunflowers and gourds.

I shot this time lapse this afternoon with plenty of wind and threatening rain.
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Horrible Pumpkin Plague.

A week ago,my crookneck squash and yellow watermelon plants became completely overrun by thousands of brown aphids. We must have had an epidemic coming from the nearby commercial pumpkin fields. It was so horrible that the plants were dying within days, and neem oil didn't help.

I tore out both plantings, but strangely enough, my butternut squash was not affected at all. I've been watching for bugs, but perhaps being a different species, the butternut squash is not a host.
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Well that's just lovely...

The pumpkin I thought was a peanut pumpkin turned out to be a red warty thing. Cool, right? No. Something got at it and nerfed up the one side of it (probably bugs). At this point I'm seriously wondering if I should go to the effort anymore, of growing pumpkins. :(
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that pumpkin I didn't plant

It's going to have to grow in circumference to touch the ground -- the vine is resting on concrete mesh. I see many more baby pumpkins starting to form. I should probably fertilize a bit. I guess I'll have pumpkins for Halloween.



My peyote ceremonial gourds are vine-ing finally. One is already headed up the side of the trellis. In a few weeks they may touch the geodesic dome.
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Another week, another video

Here we go again.  This week I used music from Pond5 and also used the VideoPad video editor, which has been on my puter for a year -- but I couldn't figure out how to use it.  I finally just dove in and tried it today.  Got into a bit of a tangle with the captions, but other than that it went okay and I LOVE how quickly it uploads to YouTube.  So I'll be working with this program exclusively in the future and may even purchase another level of features beyond what I have, which is the free version.

I now have 6 pumpkins growing in the garden and 2 languishing in the basement, waiting for Halloween.  LONG wait.

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