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Risky Robby

Squash And An Odd Hybrid

My south bed squash planting is bearing. Yellow squash (C.pepo) is in the foreground, and butternut squash (C. moschata) is in the background, with more rounded leaves. There is also one tomato plant in the right foreground:

South Bed photo southbed_zps0ef2f345.jpg

Yellow summer squash which I'm canning:

Yellow photo yellow_zpsbb407e32.jpg

The butternut squash has an odd variation that might be due to cross-pollination with an unknown variety of C. moschata, or C. maxima. I save seeds from year to year, and the bees could have visited another variety somewhere else in the neighborhood.

This is what a young butternut squash should look like:

Butternut photo butternut_zpsae9c5ad5.jpg

But I also have some of these mixed with conventional butternut, on the same plant. They are much darker green, with a different pattern, and more oblong. They look like watermelons but couldn't be:

butternut? photo butternut_cross_zps76e085f6.jpg

And finally, here's a Brandwine tomato plant. It was a volunteer that seeded itself from last year, and I couldn't bear to pull it up:

Brandywine photo SAM_0107_Edited_zps373cdd7a.jpg

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